Our Favourite Bob Wigs for Summer

Our Favourite Bob Wigs for Summer

May 29, 2020

The good news: summer is in full swing now!

The bad news: wearing wigs in the summer time can be unpleasant for some women when hot out.

Especially for those of us not accustomed to wearing short hair, it can be uncomfortable trying to stay cool with long hair.

That is why it is a great time to transform your look with a less expensive, lighter wigs in a shorter style.

Bob Wigs for Hot Weather

Here are some of our favorite synthetic bob hair wig styles in the mildwild.com you can try this summer to feel and look totally cool when things start heating up.

  1. Straight Ash Blonde Bob: Continues to land at the top of the bob wigs list! So ironic that this style is made of heat friendly synthetic hair! Very chic. Looks good on just about everyone. Adds definition to your jawline and creates volume because the shorter strands aren’t as heavy as wigs with longer styles. They are especially lightweight and have style memory. A terrific option hair do for summer! No curling, no blow drying, all you have to do in the morning is attach-and-go.                                                                             Straight Ash Blonde Bob
  2. Wavy Light Blonde Bob: A salon inspired cut. All the best features women are demanding now in wig craftsmanship: Lace front, soft waves, lightweight synthetic, and oh-so-sassy. Wavy haired bob wigs come pre-styled and cut in flattering shapes that don’t leave their waves looking wild or unruly. Accentuating every detail of your face. This look is universally flattering on all skin tones.Wavy Light Blonde Bob
  3. Wavy Ash Blonde Bob: Gorgeous movement will give you all the confidence you need to rock a bob cut. Had a very modern makeover! A free part with natural waves is a universally flattering wig style. We always love textured beachy waves on her short hairstyles. Here, she kept it casual with a deep side part and more natural, loose waves. Warm up your look with these beautifully blended look.Wavy Ash Blonde Bob

    So there you have it! What bob hair styles are you most inspired by? Head over to our instagram and website for more stylish summer synthetic hair wigs.


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