Are You Making These Mistakes on Your Wig?

Are You Making These Mistakes on Your Wig?

Wigs are the ultimate fashion accessory, which allow you to sport a new look every day, at a moment’s notice! It allows a conservative red bob look during the day and a glamorous long wavy blonde style out for the evening! However, for first-time wig wearers, there are some mistakes that are easily made. They can keep you from truly flourishing.

Here are top 8 mistakes, along with how to fix them. Surely be a great reminder for both new and seasoned wig wearers.

Mistake No. 1: Use too much heat

Similar to your natural hair, applying too much heat will cause irreversible damage to your wig. Generally speaking, some, but not all the wigs can withstand the heat. Don't use heat tools on regular synthetic wigs. The heat will melt the fibers. So read labels or packaging before using heat.

Solution: Invest in a heat-resistant wig if you like to style your wig with heat daily. Still, using the lowest setting on flat iron or other heat tools isn’t enough to safeguard your hear-resistant wig from heat damage. If you’re not using a thermal protection on your tresses, they can still get ruined from any amount of heat from your straightener, dryer, or curling iron.

Mistake No. 2: Use regular shampoo on synthetic wigs

Never wash a synthetic wig with regular shampoo. Most regular shampoo and conditioner designed for regular hair will weigh down your wig’s strands, causing the opposite of bouncy, fresh locks.

Solution: Just stay away from styling products that's designed for human hair and use a product that's specially formulated for synthetic hair.

Mistake NO. 3: Brushing or combing when wet

For many women, it's natural to brush or comb your hair while it's wet to make detangling easier. But for wigs, it's a no-no. Brushing or combing your synthetic wig while wet will lead to breakage, frizz.

Solution: Wait until the wig is completely dry before running your fingers through the hair and gently brushing out any tangles.

Mistake No. 4: Not wrapping your hair properly

Gorgeous wigs cannot work their miracle without a great foundation– a neatly, properly wrapped hair. Not doing so will cause the wig to look puffy rather than natural.

Solution: Before placing a unit on, don’t forget to braid your hair in cornrows. It is ideal, especially for those with longer hair. Do not braid your hair too tight as this might lead to scalp and thinning hair problems in the future.

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Mistake NO. 5: Scrubbing your wig

Never treat your hair in a rough manner. It is too delicate for that! When you are washing a synthetic wig, do not scrub it too aggressively. It can really cause lots of tangles and knots and damage the fibers. And avoid wringing it to dry.

Solution: Take a towel, fold it in half, put the wig in and press it with all your hands until all the water kind of seeps into that towel. This helps from dripping and then let it dry the rest of the way by hanging it upside down or on a wig stand.

Mistake No. 6: Brush with regular brush

Regular brushes and combs stretch the fibers and permanently damage a wig’s delicate strands. Not only does that disrupt the integrity of the style, it can cause hair to fall out of the wig.

Solution: Go for a wide-tooth comb or wig brush so that your wig will stay lush and full for longer.

Mistake No. 7: Expose your wig hair in direct sun for a long time

Just like skin, wig hair is vulnerable to damage from harmful UV rays. Sunlight and heat will dull the color of your wig and break down the hair fibers. If your wig spends too much time in the heat, not only will it have a faded look but it will also be weaker. Even worse, it can even start to fall apart. 

Solution: Applying a conditioning spray with UV protection before you spend a day outdoors. Wearing a hat or taking an umbrella, a scarf will also be a great option for these days.

Mistake No.8: Store your wig when it is dirty

It is a no-no practice to put away a dirty wig in a box. Your wig will get even dirtier than they were in the box. What's worse, it might be stiff and dry when you get it out the next time.

Solution: To maintain your wig’s quality for the longest possible period of time, clean your wig before putting it away. Once your wig is clean, you can place it on a wig stand or a mannequin head. Store it in a pinch, a shoe box will also a clever idea.

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