How to Make Your Wigs Look as Real as Possible

How to Make Your Wigs Look as Real as Possible

Wigs are the ultimate fashion accessory, which allow you to sport a new look every day, at a moment’s notice! You will easily find gorgeous wigs in a variety of styles, colors and textures, but it can be difficult to make wigs look like your natural hair. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make sure your wig look as synthetic as possible.

TIP #1 Find the Right Cap Construction

Find the Right Cap Construction

The type of wig cap that your wig features can make a big difference in how natural it looks. With lace fronts and fake scalp wigs, you can keep everyone in the dark about your hair.

Lace Front Wigs give you a virtually natural hairline which is seamless and looks like the hairs along the hairline are growing right out of your head.

Fake Scalp Wig is also called Pre-Made Bald Cap Wig that comes with a fake scalp constructed. It adopts a new fake scalp method that addresses the stiffness caused by the glue method and makes it reusable with no washing problems. Because each hair is sewn in just like natural hair grows...It's a much more natural look.

TIP #2 Rooted Colors 

Rooted Colors

Rooted colors give your wig dimension and depth while delivering a realistic look as it creates a illusion of your wig hair that is growing right of your head.

Wigs with rooted colors, on the other hand, mimic the natural gradients in bio hair by blending several colors.

Can’t get used to the idea of the rooted look? Look for a wig that has a ‘blend’ of two or more colors to give you dimension. Highlighted color has relatively the same affect as rooted. Solid colors and wigs have a tendency to look less natural. 

TIP #3 Line up Your Wig

Line up Your Wig

If you don’t line up your wig with your natural hairline, your wig can be noticeable. Thus, it is super important to make your wig lie right on your natural hairline.

To correctly line up your wig with your natural hairline, first put your wig on your forehead just above your eyebrows.

Next, slowly slide the wig back over your head, adjusting as you go, until the bottom of the wig hits the nape of your next.

Last, slide the wig forward just a bit until it hits your natural hairline, secure the straps, and style away!

TIP #4 Trim Your Wig

Trim Your Wig

Just like with your natural hair, you can have your wig trimmed by your stylist to create a look that best compliments your face shape. This will give you a unique, customized look that frames your face perfectly, which will make the style appear more natural. Thinning in strategic areas to compliment your face shape is also a good option.

TIP #5 Use Some Products

Use Some Products

Product is important to make your wig look more realistic. A lot of wigs can be extremely shiny, which causes the hair to look unnatural, using spray powder or dry shampoo is the amazing way to bring the gloss to a natural shine and make the strands look more real.

Another trick comes from using products in your makeup bag. To improve the look of your wig, it is recommended to lightly brushing the part and hairline with concealer so that the lace matches the color of your skin.

TIP #6 Accessorize Your Wig

Accessorize Your Wig

Like your own hair, you can add accessories to your wig. Add a bright scarf or headband to your wig can take your boring, casual wig style to the level of an exciting chic look. Strategically placing a headband or scarf around the front of the wig cap can also help to keep any of the wig cap from showing around the edges of the wig and help to keep the wig more securely in place on the head. Learn more about how to accessorize your wig here.

TIP #7 Replace Your Wig Regularly

Replace Your Wig Regularly

No matter how hard you wish, no amount of wig styling products or cap adjustments can save a wig that's past its prime. Plan to replace your wig according to its lifespan. Replace your synthetic wig every 3-6 months and replace a human hair wigs every 6-12 months.

TIP #8 Blend it Out

Blend it Out

One of the most useful tricks is blending your own hair with your wig. Leave the front section of your hair out and wear the wig a little farther back on your head to expose your natural hair. Make sure to style your own hair to match the wig's texture or curl pattern for the most seamless look.

Lace front wigs do give you a beautifully natural looking hairline, but they never beat the real thing.

NOTE: If you’re going to try this trick, it’s super important that your wig color matches your natural hair color. Now go ahead and try these tips to make you feel completely confident you look your best.

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