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Natural But Unusual

MILDWILD--A Serious Wig Brand


MILDWILD's source

MILDWILD is a premium wigs brand,worked on the positive, focusing on providing customers with high-quality natural wig products and excellent service.We care about beauty, but we care just as much about the safety of our products.

MILDWILD synthetic wig is crafted from the unique Kanekalon Futura material. Light and soft with a natural body and luster, Kanekalon is the most preferred brand of Modacrylic hair worldwide. And it is especially safe, flame-retardant, and heat-resistant.
Futura high heat synthetic fiber is very similar to human hair because it can withstand heat up to 400°F However it does not mat or tangle like human hair can. It is a fraction of the cost and can last much longer than a standard human hair. You can style your hair with curling irons and other heat tools. Go from straight to curly hair and back again while keeping a soft texture and bouncy body.

MILDWILD stems from the word combination of “Mild” and “Wild” and reflects MW’s mission to give women a full range of wig styles products to boost their confidence in their life journey. Women can be mild as kittens or be wild like lions.MILDWILD wants everyone can find more hairstyle and keep lifestyle at the same time.

MILDWILD describe a journey that the girl grow with love and turn into a passionate adventurer, constantly searching, discovering, getting inspired. More and more women become much more attractive in our wigs, as the waves run with the streams far into the sea, our days begin.



MILDWILD's Experience

MILDWILD is a wig brand that integrates development and manufacturing in-house.
Our mission is to fit girls with wonderful wigs at an affordable price.

MW has almost 20 years of history in the wig industry. Designed, tested, and loved by girls.
Beginning in 2002, at the same time set up a sales team in Nigeria, Africa.

Due to the continuous expansion of business scope, MW has gradually expanded its scale since 2008.
After entering the American market, MW products have been increasing day by day, and the factory was expanded in 2012, followed by the establishment of a factory in Nigeria.
At that time, MW was already at the forefront of the wig trade.
With more than 15 years of experience in wig design and manufacturing, in 2017, MW began to expand Amazon's business in the B2C field.

MW has always been loyal to what made us successful from the beginning--combining the latest technology and advanced materials to provide high-quality performance at a reasonable price.


MILDWILD’s slogan


Natural But Unusual

Mildwild--A serious wig brand.

Supply every woman with a suitable and natural wig, make them confident and gorgeous, which is the value of our brand, and the core of our product, too.




MILDWILD has been keeping on Green & Sustainable Innovation which plays a positive role in undertaking corporate social responsibility.

On the one hand, MILDWILD has built a development product processes with selecting harmless materials to reduce the environmental impact of disposable products and use more recycled or secondary materials. On the other hand, MILDWILD sets up the wig recycling mechanism to recycle the used wigs.

As you can see, from raw material selection and processing to use and disposal, MW is thoughtful at every stage of the product cycle to reduce pollution to the environment. In MW, everyone convinces that be responsible for society is a vital part of our business model. We promise that MILDWILD will donate US 1$ to the non-profitable organization of GREENPEACE for every wig sold.

It’s no doubt that a company cannot develop well without social prosperity. MILDWILD is a quality-conscious wigs facilitator. Its prospects for development will be grand!

You can trust MILDWILD products for the ultimate in beauty and safety.


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