How to Remove Shine from Wigs

How to Remove Shine from Wigs: 7 (Must Try) Tricks

We all go for shiny hair. Lustrous, shiny locks are a must-have for many women styling their hair, but when it comes to shiny synthetic wigs, it can be a giveaway to tell other people that it isn’t your natural hair. Because too much shine on synthetic wigs will make it doll-like. If you are looking to make your wigs realistic and less shiny, then you have come to the right page. Here are our easy tricks for how to remove shine from wigs.

How to Remove Shine from Wigs

Trick 1: Powder


Powder is one of the best and instantaneous methods to makes wigs less shiny. By powdering your wig, it will take the shine off your hair. There are several types of powder to choose from:

  • Dry shampoo and tinted dry shampoo, works best on darker hair colors, such as brunette and black shade.
  • Baby powder or talcum powder provide a quick fix for lighter colored wigs such as blonde and grey wigs.
  • Other types of styling powder.

How to Reduce Shine on Wig with Powder

  1. Place the dry wig on a stand (never powdering a wet wig)
  2. Apply a light dab of talcum powder to a large make-up brush
  3. Tap the brush lightly to remove excess powder
  4. Lightly sprinkle the crown of the wig with baby powder
  5. Use a wig comb to dispense the powder throughout the locks
  6. Shake the wig out to remove any excess powder

            For dry shampoo, just spray the wig with it, then follow above steps.

            Tips: Still, it will build up just like any other product. To avoid excessive buildup, make sure to clean your wig 8 to 10 wears.

            Trick 2: Shampoo


            Shampooing is the basic method to make wigs less shiny. Most wigs will lessen the shine with washing. If you’d like to speed it up, wash the wig a few times before wearing. A couple of washes should give you the look you want. Be sure to wash it the correct way. If you are unsure of how to shampoo your wig, read our synthetic wig care guide here.

            Remember to always use shampoo specifically meant for synthetic locks. Using products that aren't meant for synthetic wigs can do more harm than good.

            Trick 3: Fabric Softener

            Fabric SoftenerFabric softeners are also an good solution for removing shine from wigs. The chemicals in fabric softeners remove excess shine in a similar fashion as a dry shampoo. This technique is also commonly used to revive synthetic wigs.

            How to Make a Wig Less Shiny with Fabric Softener:

            1. Prepare a spray bottle and a few tablespoons of fabric softener
            2. Fill a spray bottle with water and 1-2 tablespoons of fabric softener
            3. Shake the bottle
            4. With your wig on a wig stand, spritz the hair with the solution
            5. Gently comb through the wig with your fingers to disperse the solution
            6. Let your wig air dry

            Trick 4: Dryer Sheet

            dryer sheetThe next trick also uses a product you have already: a dryer sheet. The small pieces you toss into the dryer with your laundry can help tone down the shine on your wig. Poke the bristles of a wide-tooth comb through a dryer sheet. With the sheet touching the hair, work the comb through in sections. A dryer sheet may not work like dry shampoo, but it does work if you’re in a pinch. 

            Trick 5: Styling

            wig stylingCertain styling methods help deflect the shine of synthetic wigs. Wigs tend to look shinier when they are in a sleek, straight style. Wearing your wig in a wavy, curly, or slightly messier style makes the hair catch less light, giving a less shiny look. Updos and half updos with clips and bobby pins will also do the trick. Try using wig mousse and wig spray to achieve a different style, and click here to learn how to curl a synthetic wig.

            Trick 6: Apple Vinegar

            apple vinegar

            Apple cider vinegar also works as a quick fix for reducing wig shine. It can do real magic for your synthetic hair.

            How to Reduce Shine on Wig with Apple Vinegar

            1. Pouring 1/2 cup of vinegar into a full sink of warm water.
            2. Put your wig into this mix and let it sit submerged for about 20 minutes.
            3. Take your wig out of the sink and rinse your wig very thoroughly with cold running water
            4. Wash the hair with wig shampoo to get rid of the smell of vinegar
            5. Allow the wig to air dry naturally

            Trick 7: Time


            This is the easiest way to remove the shine from a wig, allowing it to naturally dull throughout wear. Just wash as normal to start to minimise the unnatural shine to your wig. Over time, it will give you the look you want. It’s important to be aware that this isn’t a quick fix!

            And there you have it, 7 expert tricks on how to remove the shine from your synthetic wig! Why not give it a try?


            MildWild Wig says – As mentioned in a blog of How to Make a Wig Look As Real As Possible, aside from learning how to remove shine from a synthetic wig, there are other ways of ensuring that your wig looks more natural. These include adding roots to your wig, thin out a bulky wig, or accessorize your wig. Refer to our Blog Part for more tips on helping your wig to look natural.

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