Are _Fake _Scalp_Wigs_Worth _The_Hype

Are Fake Scalp Wigs Worth The Hype?

Are Fake Scalp Wigs Worth The Hype?

Have you noticed? Wigs are making a huge comeback to fashion! Lots of famous celebrities like Beyonce rocking various wigs amazingly, which makes it acceptable for woman to wear wigs openly. Wigs aren’t anything new, it has developed substantially over the years. At this situation, the innovative fake scalp method was invented, which made wigs even more natural and realistic. With fake scalp method, it’s almost impossible to tell whether or not a woman is wearing a wig or sporting her real hair.

MILDWILD fake scalp wig

Fake scalp method was firstly utilized in human hair wigs, and gained much popularity among women with its quick installing and real look. However, woman can't find the fake scalp synthetic wigs, now MILDWILD has captured the magic of fake scalp method on their Kanekalon® synthetic wigs. Just made the woman meet a new one: fake scalp synthetic wig.

The goal of MILDWILD wigs was to create a lace wig that looked natural but required less effort installing. Then MILDWILD incorporated the fake scalp technology into synthetic wigs, made the industry-first fake scalp synthetic wigs in Mar of 2019. With the fake scalp method, MILDWILD settled on a combination of natural wig look and quick glue-less wearing.

bleached knots

Bleached knots for optimal discretion. MILDWILD improves the technology of bleaching. Every MILDWILD wig is made from Kanekalon futura fiber and has been through strict quality control. The perfect bleached knots will give you a look that the hair is growing right out of your scalp. With 6" parting space, you can part your hair anywhere.

Pre-plucked hairline for the natural look. MILDWILD plucked the hairline to make your lace wig more natural and easier to fit your head. The hair of the plucked hairline will look like growing from your own head. From front to back, the hair density of the wig has a natural transition. With the fake scalp wig and the plucked hairline, you will get the natural edges without any damage.

preplucked hairline

Extra Velcro strap for enhanced security. No glue, no gel, no adhesive. You can just put the wig on straight out of the box for the provided Velcro strap will help your wig stay secure and safe. Also, it’s a great way to protect your edges and scalp. No damage will be caused by glue. You will feel snug when your lace wig made with the fake scalp method and Velcro strap.

Why Choose MILDWILD Fake Scalp Wig?

  1. MILDWILD wigs, a startup brand of an established company. We used to be a hair processing factory and have been specialized in designing and supplying synthetic hair products for brands and retailers overall the world for over 10 years.
  2. All MILDWILD fake scalp wigs are luxury Kanekalon futural hair and we offer variety of options from hair texture to length, from 14-22 inch, body wave, straight, curly and more. So MILDWILD customer can find what they are looking for and become their perfect selves.
  3. MILDWILD wigs can be curled, straightened, and dyed for any occasions from friends gathering, night club, dates, wedding event and even events with water involved. If you want to change your wig, you can buy one straight fake scalp wig, then you can restyle it as yourself.
  4. MILDWILD just provides the highest-quality hair and wigs for their customers, only to make you fell natural and comfortable. This Fake Scalp method perfectly teams up with the bleached knots serving the most natural skin parting.

The Bottom Line

Unlike the normal lace wig that requires the cornrows and wig cap under the wig, The goal of MILDWILD fake scalp wig was to keep the customer free from messy steps and hair damage when wearing the wig. The fake scalp method is the protective barrier between the wig and your scalp. The wig with this method will hide your own hair adequately, allow for air circulation to your scalp and make your hair retain moisture.

The fake scalp does make sense. It’s a time saver and effortless beauty maker. In total, it’s genius creativity for our wig wearers. So, would you try a fake scalp wig? 

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