How to Pick Your Perfect Shade of MildWild Lace Wigs

How to Pick Your Perfect Shade of MildWild Lace Wigs

MildWild Lace Wigs are available in an array of shades, ranging from Jet Black to Honey Blonde. We've also gotten an array of highlight hues to choose from in our Full Lace Collection and Lace Front Collection. All of MildWild Wigs are made from Kanekalon® hair that is specially formulated to make the light, soft and flame-retardant hair with natural body and luster so that each shade perfectly blends in with a range of hair colors.

Have a closer look at each shade of MildWild Wigs, you will find that each hair strand doesn't just comprise one color. In fact, you may see mix color in hair strands like brownish blonde, it also includes light shades. This ensures your hair wig look natural and seamlessly blend while adding depth and dimension to hair that look lustrous and realistic.

Finding a perfect color isn't always easy. Here is a complete lineup from MildWild Wigs to help you pick the best shade.

Jet Black

Jet Black, our deepest hair color shade, is also the most stunning, which contains blue undertones for enhanced gloss. While the deep hue always works well for dark skin tones, we also love its striking appearance when paired with fair complexions. Get this radiant shade and renew with passion and vitality.

Jet BlackAsh Blonde

A mixture of warm blonde tones blend together in this multi-dimensional shade, putting you at the forefront of modern hair with fashion-forward fantasy shades of metallic, ash hues. It also blends well with many different shades of blonde hair.

Ash BlondeLight Blonde

A light blonde is a bright, stunning hue with warm undertones that are as bright as sunshine. It provides glow on your face.

Light BlondeHoney Blonde

A perfect balance of rich, light brown and a bright and vibrant blonde. The versatile hair color can somehow make you look sun-kissed, back from tropical vacation, or like a fall dream ready for apple picking adventures—all at once.

Honey BlondeBrownish Blonde

A mixture of brown and golden undertones fuse together in this dessert-inspired color. Rich and decadent, why wouldn't you indulge in it?

Brownish BlondeGolden Blonde & Light Blonde

Golden blonde and light blonde undertones come together in this multi-dimensional shade. Unlike colors such as chocolate and dark mocha, these hues are infused with plenty of warmth, which brings out a gorgeous glow in all complexions.

Golden Blonde & Light BlondeBurgundy

A mix between brown and red that has a purple tint. Bold and unique, this shade is guaranteed to get lots of compliments. For a seriously alluring look, pair your straight red ombre hair with black winged eyeliner and luscious red lips.


Warm magenta undertones blend together seamlessly in this ruby red shade. Bright and fiery, it blends well with most natural red hair colors. As one of this season’s top hair color idea, the pairing of a fiery red and warm magenta is both seductive and playful. The charming nature of this colour is enhanced by soft waves.

RedDark Red Copper

A combination of warm and cool undertones come together in this rich brown shade. Classic and complex, it blends well with most mid-tone brown hair colors. You know you want it.

Dark Red CopperPlatinum with Purple Highlights

Be ultraviolet and turn heads with this pretty purple highlights. The beautiful shade accentuates your eyes and adds a sense of magic to your hair. The sporadic purple shades is ideal for all textures, so don’t be afraid to add different shades of purple to create further dimension and depth to your hair.

Platinum with Purple HighlightsDark Brownish Blonde with Honey Blonde Highlights

Honey blonde highlights brighten the face and look perfect with silky straight, or beachy waves. A seamless transition from dark brownish blonde to honey blonde should begin with a soft chassis around your features, and sporadic glimmers hitting your hair where the sun naturally would.

Dark Brownish Blonde with Honey Blonde HighlightsOff Black Root Tipped with Ash Blonde

A warm blonde with a balance of ash and golden undertones. Opt for a look that transforms from black roots to blonde ends for a chic style.

Off Black Root Tipped with Ash Blonde Off Black Root Tipped with Light Blonde

This silky blonde contains a lovely hint of honey hues.Tipped and topped with a darker root to make it bold but believable. 

Off Black Root Tipped with Light BlondeOff Black Root Tipped with Platinum

There are lots of different variations on platinum hair, as platinum looks striking when blended with almost any color. One choice that’s trending right now is ‘greyscale’ hair – a black ombre look that blends and fades to grey and white. While it’s a high-maintenance look, the dramatic and head-turning results are worth it!

Off Black Root Tipped with Platinum

Off Black Root Tipped with Light Blonde & Pink

The most popular and attention grabbing color for confident and daring girls. This triple ombre combines three different shades which results in a totally unique hairstyle that is perfect for experimentation with different colors.

Off Black Root Tipped with Light Blonde & PinkAsh Blond Tipped with Platinum

A fantastic way to transition ash blonde roots to platinum ends is to utilize both ombre and balayage techniques. The combination is perfect for hiding where one color ends and the next begins.

Ash Blond Tipped with PlatinumPlatinum

A really popular shade among majority of the women. Cool, ashy undertones fuse together in this frostbitten, icy color. A bold, striking hue, this is the lightest shade we offer. 

PlatinumSilver Lavender

Silver lavender hair is a lovely icy purple color. Daring and fashion-forward, it’s Platinum’s cooler-toned sister. Lavender hair is great if you want that purple tone but still want it to be subtle. With this shade, it’s possible to see your platinum locks under specific lighting, so it’s not too extreme.

Mix Purple ColorDark Purple

A very dark and deep purple hair color, fuses red with violet tones and makes for a beautiful and sophisticated look. A versatile shade, dark purple looks flattering on all cool-toned complexions – whether fair or dark – and contrasts beautifully with green eyes. Great one for parties or women who love fun hairstyles.

Dark Purple

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