How to Accessorize Your Wig This Season

How to Accessorize Your Wig This Season

We love wearing wigs. But honestly speaking, we would rather not have the whole world know we're wearing wigs.

Many people wearing wigs for the first time worry that their wig will not look real and that others will know they are wearing wigs. However, this is not the case if you are able to style or accessorize your wig.

Accessorizing your wig is the easiest way to show off your personality and you can do that on your own with everyday accessories like scarves, hats, earrings, no-snag hair ties and clips.

Here's how to bring your wig to life with some simple extras!


Wearing a headband is the easiest way to change your look and take your boring, casual wig style to the level of an exciting chic look. And they are practical because they draw your attention from hairline to itself. Their style ranges from fabric headband to crowning glory, you will find endless options! The only thing you need to do is picking the one you like the best.

Whether you use a headband as a base for your chosen hairstyle, or to decorate the finished look, it's a must-have accessory, whatever the season! They add instant style without a lot of effort and they keep your hair out of your face. Plus, they work with any wig style, including straight, curls, even buns, updos and low ponytails. Just add it to your favorite style!


Hair Clips and Pins

It’s not often that the hottest trend in fashion and beauty is functional, affordable, and flattering on everyone – but hair clips are it. Decorated bobby pins and fun hair clips are also great ways to accessorize a wig. There are several ways to incorporate the hair clip trend into your look. Whether you are using them to keep your hair out of your face when you’re working, to add a pop or colour to a monochrome outfit, or to glam up your hair for a night out, hair clips don’t have to cost a fortune or require any heavy styling. But make sure that they are not so tight that they start to pull the strands of hair out of the wig cap.

You might have a bunch of hair clips from when you were a teen, and you kept them in your drawer when they went out of fashion. Now, it’s time to bring them out! You can even use bobby pins to add a personal touch to your favourite wig.

hair clips

Flower Crown

Wearing a flower crown will give your wig a romantic and feminine vibe. It also doubles as the perfect ‘concealer’ – hide bangs or sections of your wig underneath the base of the flower crown with pins and clips. Or add a faux fringe by pulling sections of the wig forward and threading underneath the crown. A few stems of baby's breath plus a couple of delicate nude or pink blooms might just be the elegant accents you need to perk up any braided 'do.

The choice of types and colors of garlands can be determined by the colors of your wigs. Proper match can achieve unexpected results. The bright-colored flowers offer you a good mood and make you even more good-looking in photos. All girls can never miss such a great accessory to decorate your wigs. When you secure the garlands with your wigs, some bobby pins can be used to keep them from falling off.



Sometimes, people are worried that fake scalp or unreal hairline of a wig that will get others to know they are wearing wigs. Well, a hat will be the impeccable option to cover the flaw. Hats are not only functional, but they can also add so much personality and character to a wig. 

They are endless hats style for you to choose from, such as the wide-brimmed gloppy hat, fedora, beanie, baseball cap, derby hat, beret and bucket hat. However, they are some things to keep in mind when you select a hat to accessorize your wig. You should take measures to ensure your wig fits snuggly against your scalp before placing a hat on. Use wig glue, a magic band, extra wig clips, or whatever else it is you need to make sure your wig stays on your head when your hat isn’t. In the summer when your wig is already making you overheat, hats can you feel even hotter, thus it is important to check the weather before putting on the hat on your wigs.



The colorful ribbons can not only be used to tie things or for decoration, but also be tied in the hair. Wig style with ribbons can make a more feminine look for girls. 

You can style a half up half down hair and tie it with a nude ribbon in order to make an ultra-pretty look while you can also make a high ponytail and hold it with a simple ribbon. No matter what hairstyles you want to style, you can try to tie ribbons in them. Show off your girly side by putting on a ribbon on your wig.



Brooch is a great hair accessory for women to add some finesse to their hairdos. Just like hair clips, they are also a perfect accessory to divert their attention from noticing their wig hairline. If you are going for a formal event, then you can hardly pick better than the brooch as your hair accessory. They put an extra shine on your overall look and your wig style.



Every girl should learn how to upstyle your hair with a pretty hair accessory. And a print scarf and bandana would be a perfect choice this summer. You can choose a colorful one to earn more head turns on street for your wig style.

Use a scarf to keep your parting in place. Some will also looking like a stylish traveler. Start from your hairline, wrap your scarf around the back of your head. and tie over your hair at the nape.

Want more volume in your wig style? Is pancaking your braid not adding enough volume? Just follow the simple steps below to get the voluminous hairdo of your dreams with a scarf.

  1. Brush your hair back with your fingers and divide it into three sections.
  2. Wrap your scarf around the middle section once. Join each side of the scarf with each of the side sections.
  3. Weave the three sections into a braid.
  4. Secure the end of your braid with an elastic band.
  5. You can tuck the ends of the scarf into the braid or elastic band or pin them up.


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