How to Curl Synthetic Wigs?

How to Curl Synthetic Wigs?

We have to admit that we could become fed up with our usual hairstyle at some point no matter how much we love it. And when boredom occurs, we might want to try something fresh new to complete our flawless look. Curling is a perfect way to get a new style, by adding body into the boring cut, it brings an element of charm and elegance to a basic look.

curl synthetic wigSo, Can We Curl Synthetic Wigs or not?

It's okay because… as usual, we will walk you through curling your heat-friendly synthetic hair. You cannot curl any kind of synthetics. The reason is simple: since regular synthetic withstand NO HEAT at all and will melt if brought around any heat. But it's also important that you know the proper way to curl synthetic hair.

Check out this tutorial video for a quick and easy curl!

How to Curl Synthetic Wigs?

Today, MildWild Wigs would like to take you a tour on how to curl a synthetic wig at home.

Read on for our step by step guide to create gorgeous waves.

To curl your heat-resistant synthetic wig, you may want to gather the following tools:

  • Curling Iron
  • Hair Clip
  • Wig Stand
  • Wig Comb
  • A Spray Bottle Filled with Clean, Cool Water

Step 1: Brush & Detangle

To begin the process, put your wig on the wig stand and brush it with a wig brush or wood-tooth comb. Detangle the knots so that you' ll get these luscious bouncy curls. For some tips on detangle, you can refer to this blog.

wig brush

Step 2: Section

Divide your hair into sections with hair clips. If you want small curls you can separate your hair into many sections. If you want large curls you can separare it into fewer sections. During that process, you can set your curling iron, to no more than 350 degrees.

Step 3: Spray

Use a spray bottle bottle to spritz each section of hair until it's completely wet, but not dripping with water. These sprays serve as a defense against melting and can help it hold the curl.

spray bottle

Step 4: Curl

Curl each portion of your hair. Simply take a section of your hair and place the curling iron at the end of the hair. Wind it around the curling iron and hold the kit in place until the hair begins to feel warm. Then release the hair from the curling iron. You can also hold the curl in your hand till it cools.

Continue doing with the rest section of your hair and the others on the sides and at the back. If you want to get a tighter curl, pin the curl in place against your head until it cools completely. This will also help the curl hold its shape longer.

curl hair

Step 5: Adjust

Once complete you can lightly work your fingertips through the style and manipulate the curls to your desired style. Or you can lightly spray the entire wig with wig styling spray at this point if desired.

Shop for Curly Wigs

Hopefully, our tutorials on how to curl synthetic wigs above will help you properly style your hair system. Of course, if you want your wig to stay perfectly curled with zero effort, treating yourself to a new curly wig or a new wavy wig is always a nice and unfailing option! 

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