The 7 Genius Wig Storage Solutions of 2021

The 7 Genius Wig Storage Solutions of 2021

It is undoubtedly important for all of your wigs to be stored correctly. No only does improving the quality of your wig keep your wig looking the best, doing so will lengthen its lifetime. We all know that keeping your wigs organized can be difficult especially when you have grown your wig collection. Depend on your frequency of use, the number of wigs you have and habits, there are some wig storage ideas to fit your needs. This guide explores 7 tried-and-true wig storage solutions that deserve a try.

Wig storage 101

How to Store Synthetic Wigs & Human Hair Wigs

We all know that there is a big difference between synthetic wigs and human hair wigs in most areas like wig care and use. But for storage, you don't need to differentiate between them. You can store both types of wigs with the same method.

Top Tips:

Cleanse before storing

Always wash and make sure the wig is clean before putting it away. Since it can get even dirtier or even go mouldy during the long time of storage if you put away a wig when it is dirty. Another point to note is that you should never store a wig when it is in damp condition.

Store your wig out of direct sunlight and high heat

Direct sunlight and high heat can dull the color of your wig and destroy the structure of your wig, so keep the direct sunlight off your wig for storage, and store your wig at dry, cool place will be a good way.

The Best Wig Storage Solutions in 2021

  • Wig stand

The portable wig stand is one of the best multipurpose wig storage solutions. There are several types of wig stands on the market that you could choose according to your needs. Collapsible wig stands do a great job for displaying, storing and drying wigs. What you need to do is to assemble them for use. Wigs stands with adjustable height is a prime choice for people who have a wig collection of different lengths. With lightweight design, they are ideal for traveling.

All in all, wig stand is a practical necessity to place your most frequent used wig, so that it will maintain its style and shape and get ready to use on the next day.

wig stand by mildwild wig
  • Wig storage bag

The sealed zip lock bag or wig storage bag is perfect for preserving your wig during traveling. Just fold your wig into a half, and place a hairnet on your wig to maintain its shape, finally slip your wig into a clean plastic bag. If you have large collection of wigs to store, then it is important to tape a description tag to the outside of the storage bag so that you can quickly discern the specific wig. However, this solution may get your wig damaged by accidental crush.

wig storage bag by mildwild wig

  • Closet

When you attempting to organize your wigs, in your closet, in the most efficient way possible, get a wig cabinet. With sufficient room, It will get all of your beautiful wig collection neatly organized.

This perfect storage solution will:

Make your wigs easily accessible

Prevent the color of the wig from fading 

Protect them from dust and mold

Keeps them away from the reach of children and pets

wig closet

  • Hook hangers

For the ultimate space saving option and clever wig storage solution, go with a wall hanger. Just mount a hook hanger on the wall and place the wig on the hooks of a coat rack. Your wigs will remain in good shape and get ready to use. This wig storage idea works wonders if you are a frequent wig wearers but have difficulty in constantly looking through cubbies or boxes. You can also add more hooks if you own more wigs.

wig hook hangers

  • Wig box

Wig box is a convenient way for short-term storage, in addition to keeping your wig in its shape, it also protects the wig from dust and sunlight. Some wigs come with sturdy packaging that you place it at its original wig boxes to store short term. You can also invest in a good quality wig box to fit your special needs.

wig packaging by mildwild wig

  • Mannequin head

Mannequin head is also a popular idea to keep wigs properly stored. Similar to wig stand, the wig heads not only allow you to display your wig but also guarantee a quick and handy use. The biggest advantage of this solution is that it permits wig styling.

Mannequin head

  • Shoe box

You may find it hard to believe, but shoe box is also a great way for keeping wig in place. To keep your wig perfectly styled, find a proper shoebox lined with soft tissue paper. Adding labels on the box is recommended to ensure a quick take and go.

shoe box by mildwild wig

How to store wigs at home & travelling

Here, we have introduced 7 storage options that you can try to keep your wigs properly stored, but you may be confused about which solution is the best for home storage and which is more suitable for traveling. No worries, we have prepared below chart for you.


travelling with wig

wig storage bag, wig box, plastic stands, styrofoam heads

home storage

closet, wig stand, hook hangers, shoe box, mannequin head, wig box

Organize your wigs by color, length or density

Wigs come in a wide range of styles. Even if your are practical, your wig collection can easily get out of hand. Organize your wigs by style, such as color, length, texture or density is a great way to help you find the wig you want easily. Then put them away with proper storage solution like closet, wig packaging, wig stands or box and labelling them, so when you are ready to wear a wig again, you will find the right wig quickly at the space you stored.

We hope that these creative wig storage ideas will help anybody who haven't figured out how to store wigs properly. If you have any other tips or tricks on wig storage, please comment below.

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