The Secret to Get a Tangle-Free Synthetic Wig

The Secret to Get a Tangle-Free Synthetic Wig

The Secret to Get a Tangle-Free Synthetic Wig You just got a glamorous new synthetic wig which looks so sleek, lustrous and realistic, and you really like it. But as the days go on, the challenge comes, your wig gets worn out, frizzy and tangled.

People who have donned wigs will tell you this struggle is normal. Same as your own hair, synthetic wigs experience tangles. But why does it tangle? And what can we do to detangle the messy wigs and prevent the issue?

Our top hairstylist Lydia Jones, who works with many celebs, will share her ideas, and give some hints or tips to detangle and prevent it. Let’s move on and find out!

Why do Synthetic Wigs Tangle Frequently?

Why do Synthetic Wigs Tangle Frequently?The reasons your synthetic wig get tangled so often might not be why you think.


The first reason behind is your scalp which produces natural oils that keep your hair from tangling. But there is no such agent for your synthetic wigs, which leads to its tangling.

Material & Quality

Synthetic wigs are made of materials such as polymer, acrylic, and plastics which are prone to get tangling. Heat-friendly fibers are the only synthetic fiber that offers styling versatility. Of course, the quality of synthetic wigs can also play its role. Lower-quality synthetic wigs are more likely to tangle than higher-quality wigs.

Improper Care

Another reason your synthetic wigs are tangling is because improper care techniques. Once they are improperly treated they can easily get tangled. However, by taking care of a few things one would be able to easily maintain tangle free synthetic wigs.


Keep in mind that even with perfect care, no synthetic wig can last forever. The estimated life span of a synthetic hair product is approximately 4-6 months. Fibers of your synthetic wig will get frayered with wear. Eventually it becomes matted and tangled.


You may have noticed that tangles are more commonplace at the nape of neck. Certain clothes such as a shirt with collar or heavy sweater leads to rubbing that results in tangling.

How to Detangle a Synthetic Wig?

How to Detangle a Synthetic Wig?

Now that we have touched on the causes of tangles we can finally work you step by step detangling your synthetic hair. Prior to the work, you should prepare below items:

  • wide-tooth comb
  • synthetic wig shampoo
  • synthetic wig conditioner
  • steamer (optional)

Step 1: Untangle using the right brush/comb.

Firstly please use a wide-toothed comb, make sure it is bluntly designed that will not damage the fibers of hair, and use it as much as possible to get bigger knots untangled. Then you could use a wig brush to deal with the fine knots.

Step 2: The correct wig care products are needed.

Apply a small amount of shampoo that is specially formulated for synthetic hair and rinse it out. Then use conditioner also specifically designed to protect and enhance the fibers of synthetic hair. Keep in mind not to get the conditioner on the root, which will loosen the hair.

Step 3: Steaming not straightening.

Now that you have used the right tool and correct product on your synthetic wig, and it may be in better condition for some time.

But some wigs do frizz eventually. What to do? A steamer is really the best bet for keeping it smooth. A kinder reminder here would be trying this for the first time on a old wig, in case you made a mess of it.

Take a steamer and small comb, make sure the steamer gives good flow, and walk your steamer down the hair. While doing this, you are going to comb down the hair. Put the comb right on a glide that is right along your steamer and comb. Keep doing it on hairs of all sides. You will notice that the steamer wets the fiber and gives enough heat that you can comb those little frizzles right out. You may have a even smaller comb specially for the ends. After that, you could use a cold curling iron for curly hair styling.

Step 4: Trimming Slight Bits off.

Last but not least, I'd like to recommend trimming as a last resort. I know, you love your wigs, and you couldn't bear to cut off your favorite wigs. But if you are going to maintain it longer, why not choose to lose a slight bit of inch or thinning your wig and get a newer wig?

Tips to Prevent Synthetic Wig from Tangling

Tips to Prevent Synthetic Wig from Tangling

  • After every use, comb with a wide tooth comb, inside and outside, really helps it not be tangled and stringy looking.
  • Avoid wearing heavy wool sweaters in the winter with your wig to ease on the ends that protects the synthetic fibers of wigs.
  • Don't sleep with your synthetic wig. The constant rub between your wig and pillow will result in a messy and tangled wig.
  • Store it properly. Put the wig in the net with the wig you received when it is not in use, keep the wig in the box or store them in the cool place at your home. 

How do you keep your synthetic wigs tangle and frizz free for as long as possible? Let us know in the comments below!

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