Everything About Wig Density You Should Know

Everything About Wig Density You Should Know

Wigs have been in constant demand recently. Natural looking wig is a dream of every girl who wears wig. Then what factors could influence how natural the wig look on you? Here comes wig density. Wig density plays an important role in ensuring your wig looking unbelievably natural.

This post will help you understand what the wig density means, the wig density classification, while making recommendations on how to choose a wig density. Now let's start by the basics of wig density.
wig density

    What is wig density

    Just like your natural hair, wigs do have their density. To put it simply, wig density is the amount of hair strands added on your wig cap. It determines how thick or thin your hair looks on the wig cap.

    Generally wigs density is measured by a percentage that tells you how much the hair is with a percentage. The higher the wig density, the more heavy it looks; the lower the wig density, the thinner the wig looks. The density percentage ranges from 80% to 250%.

    However, please note that the hair density is different from the thickness of each strand of hair. You could have thick hair strands while with low density hair.

    Wig density classification

    Wig density classification is a standard to guide the sellers and buyers who produce or buy the wigs. Manufactures may have different measurements depend on hair fiber and quality. Check the below lists for different types of wig densities and their features.

    80% (extra light wig density)

    It is the lowest wig density that are commonly chosen by people have thin hair. This wig density is mainly used for hair pieces or hair topper. With low density, it will be lightweight so that you will not feel you wear a wig.

    100% (light wig density)

    This is a light wig density which is selected by people with thinner hair and to get a natural hair look. It will be a good option for people with a desire for more coverage.

    120% (medium wig density)

    This is a popular wig density that is not too thick or too thin, thus deliver a look that is closest to your natural hair. It provides hair with volume, and is normal density look.

    wig density classification

    150% (medium to heavy wig density)

    It gives fuller look over the previous wig density. A heavy density wig gives a lot of bounce, movements and styling options. Chosen for women who want their hair to look natural with a little added volume.

    180% (heavy wig density)

    This heavy wig density is exceptionally suitable for people what a full look with plenty of volume. It offers much fullness without looking overwhelming. It also gives you endless styling options.  

    200% (heavy to extra heavy wig density)

    Intended for people want a celebrity-like hair look. It creates a attractively voluminous hair hair.

    250% (extra heavy wig density)

    It is highest level of wig density. With extra heavy wig density, your may feel uncomfortable with pressure over the head. It is always chosen by stage artists or performers for ultimate fullness in extravagant style.

    wig density classification

    Does hair color affect wig density

    Now you have known the basics of wig density. Let's find out the influence of hair color to wig density. Interestingly, hair with darker color looks thicker than a lighter color. Just look at a girl with black hair and one with light blonde hair. Though they both have the same volume hair, the black hair seems to look denser than blonde hair. High contrast between skin and hair color can make also density appear thinner (such as dark color hair against light skin tones and light hair against dark skin tones).

    How to choose wig density

    Finally gets down to the key part, choosing wig density. There are a few things you should consider in selecting wig density. Your natural hair density, hairstyle, wig cap design and lifestyle can affect the wig density. Carefully check out the following content to choose the wig density that is most suited to you.

    1) Natural Hair

    It is important to choose a density that matches your own hair density at the side and back. Choose a wig density that is the most similar to your own natural hair is necessary when you are looking for a realistic look. Don't know the density of your natural hair? Put your hair into a ponytail and measure the circumference of the ponytail with a tape. If it measures less than 2 inches, it shows that you have a low density hair. If it is 2-3 inches you have medium density hair, and if it measures over 4 inches then you have high density hair.

    2) Hairstyle

    The hairstyle you are pursuing also can affect the wig density. For example, if you are looking for a long straight hair, a higher density option would be suitable. On the other side, a curly hair with a lower density still look perfect on you. It should be aware that using heat tools on your hair can impact the wig density.

    3)Wig Cap design

    Wigs with the same density can give different look due to different wig cap design. You should think about the wig cap before choosing the wig density. With hair hand-tied to the cap, full lace wig and 360 lace wig offers the most natural look.

    4) Lifestyle

    Another thing to consider is your lifestyle. You will be decent person if you could choose a wig match your daily events. Going to a party with friends? Consider a higher density wig for a celebrity fuller look. Is the gym your second home? Choose a lower density wig for easy styling options.

    After reading all of the above information, MildWild Wig believes that you should deep understand about wig density. If you find it useful and want to know more, let's pay a visit to MildWild Wig Blog. See you!

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